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Get Latest Fashion Women’s Footwear Online by Ancestry

Bette Midler once said, "With the right pair of shoes, one can rule the world.” While that might be an overstatement, shoes can certainly pull your outfit together, add a spring to your step, and take your confidence several notches higher. But you can’t own just one pair of well-made footwear and call it a day. You need a couple of them that are stylish, comfortable, and match every occasion.

If you are looking to ditch your everyday women sneakers and add a bit of personality to your wardrobe, prioritise your comfort without skimping on style with flats. Now, we hear you say flats are for casual wear or office wear only. But allow us to change your mind with our range of flats for women, fit for every facet of your day, at the Ancestry online store. Here are some styles you will find.


Discover Stylish Women’s Footwear


1. Mules

This style of footwear has no constraint around the back of the heel. However, it has a closed front that stretches right up to the center of the foot. So, it makes for a versatile addition to your wardrobe for all those times when you have to balance work and play with equal grace.

Whether you want your workwear to beat the Monday blues or just need to add a splash of colour to your weekly grocery run, our contemporary Mustard Fish Motif Mules will carry you through your day with creative flair.


2. Sandals

These flats for women usually have open toes and open heels and are secured with straps. Hence, they are the perfect companion to your everyday outfit, whether you’re going for a brunch-ready casual look or a more put-together, meeting-ready one.

On the Ancestry online shop, you will find a range of sandals in an assortment of styles - from stylish flats to decorative Kolhapuris in modern designs for every occasion.

The feminine Blanca Leather Flats, for instance, feature a strappy buckled pattern on the front of the sandal and can be paired with a maxi dress, a long skirt, or a kurta-palazzo set effortlessly. Whereas the Brown Leather Flats, our take on old-school Chappals, offer the perfect finish to the more-masculine, structured, at-office look.


3. Juttis

Women juttis are pointed toe footwear that usually lay flat, thanks to their straight soles. And more often than not, they come with delicate handiwork to enhance their beauty. This makes them a classic pair reserved for special occasions only.

At the Ancestry online shop, you will find a variety of well-crafted women jutti complete with extensive embellishments. While our All White Kutch Jutti features Kutchi delicate mirrorwork patterns, our Red Splendor Jutti, on the other hand, is cushioned, hand-stitched and features hand-embroidered Aari work.

Haven’t found a pair of shoes that caught your attention just yet? If so, you must visit our online store and have a look at our extensive catalogue for footwear for women to find a trendy, well-made pair of shoes that run true-to-size.


Footwear Styling Tips That Add the Finishing Touch to Every Outfit

Once you buy ladies footwear online, the next step is styling them appropriately with your outfit. Don’t know where to start? Here are some styling tips to help you out.


1. Choose Your Footwear as Per the Occasion

You wouldn’t wear a lehenga choli to work or a blazer suit for grocery shopping. So, why should you wear the wrong shoe at the wrong place? If you’re meeting your friends for lunch at a small restaurant, you want to complete your breezy outfit with a mule or a strappy sandal. However, if your destination of choice is the office cubicle, you can never go wrong with a pair of black leather Kolhapuris that complement an otherwise structured outfit. Going to a friend’s place for a late evening party instead? Jazz up your Indian wear with a pair of embellished women jutti.


2. Pay Attention to the Amount of Coverage Your Footwear Offers

Typically, you want to balance the amount of skin your footwear shows with the rest of the outfit. So, if you're wearing a full-length palazzo with a long kurti, opt for shoes that will show some skin like kolhapuris. On the other hand, if you’re wearing a midi skirt or cropped pant that leaves some room above your ankles, you could pair the outfit with mules or sandals having thicker straps.


3. Accessorise Your Outfits to Match with Your Footwear

Repeating elements, particularly in the form of colour, bring a sense of cohesiveness to any outfit. So, if you’re wearing colourful shoes, make sure your clothes feature colours of the same family. Similarly, if you’re wearing neutral-toned footwear - tans, blacks, browns, beiges, and whites - try wearing a matching belt or carrying a bag of a similar colour.


Shop for Premium-Quality Women Footwear Online at the Ancestry Store

At Ancestry, we believe in using quality materials and impeccable craftsmanship to bring unique pieces rooted in tradition but with a modern flair. And our footwear range is a testament to that. You will mainly find traditional Indian footwear like the Kolhapuris and the Juttis but with a contemporary twist as well as modern and trendy mules featuring an Indian take.

Along with quality products, we are also keen on providing quality service. And that includes our online shopping experience. We make it simpler by providing a range of handy filters and size guides wherever required. The products in our shop run true-to-size, meaning what you see is exactly what you get! We also have a dedicated return policy for the rare event when you receive a damaged product or the wrong fit. What's more, our online live chat feature is available to help resolve your queries at the earliest.