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ancestry women kurta set

Set The Fashion Bar High with Latest Trendy Women’s Jackets from Ancestry

21 October, 2022
By Ancestry / Inspiration
A benign season of soft sunshine and balmy breeze, Indian winters are cherished and enjoyed by different people for different reasons. Fashionistas, for one, love the season because it gives them a chance to dabble in a sea of new trends and ideas! While winter fashion, like any other, comprises fleeting fads that come and go, it also encompasses certain essentials without which it is unthinkable. One such essential is the jacket. Chic and comfortable, jackets can be used to layer up, add visual contrast or sameness, or just flaunt a sharper silhouette.

Ancestry Jackets – Why they are So Special

If you are looking for something novel in the category, jackets from Ancestry are sure to catch your fancy. Marked by well-defined silhouettes and artisanal prints and embroidery, these remarkably present the best of both the Orient and Occident. Here are four refreshingly unique styling ideas to help you bring out the finest of four stunning jackets curated from across the collections.

The Nazreen Wine Silk Jacket

The Nazreen Wine Silk Jacket banishes any notion of the jacket being a casual item of clothing. This silk jacket features floral embroidery at the collar and all along the border in front, underlining the subtle artistry. The deep red wine colour adds to its quiet grace, even as the structured A-line silhouette gives it a fine, formal appeal.

Styling Tip:

Team the jacket with a long black or golden dress and a top in a matching colour. Alternatively, you could wear wide-leg trousers for a feminine no-nonsense look. Since it is best suited to dinner parties and formal gatherings, complete the look with gold leaf earrings, a metallic watch, and glitter pumps.

The Sindhi Jacket

Funky and flamboyant in an understated way, the Sindhi jacket features Ajrak hand-block prints. While the earthy pattern and vivid fusion of colours underline the jacket’s folksy charm, its lapel collar and shorter length bring in a measure of tasteful urban elegance.

Styling Tip:

The Sindhi jacket can be worn to work just as easily to a luncheon date with the girls. Since it’s a statement piece on its own, go subtle with the bottom-wear. Team it with a pair of washed-out wide leg denims or billowy harem pants for an edgy vibe. Finish the look with colourful bead earrings and plain-vanilla sneakers.