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What Your Choice Of Colour In Clothing Says About You

24 January, 2023
By Ancestry / Inspiration
“Colour is life, joy, fun!” says Donatella Versace. But what does your choice of colours in fashion say about you? The colours of the clothes that you wear not only have an impact on your mood but also affect how others perceive you. Remember buying hot pink tops for women back in college? Reflecting on your fashion past, you will notice that with time the colours of your wardrobe have changed too, reflecting not only your personality but also your energy levels. The joy, opulence, and glamour in our lives can be defined by the colours of the clothes we choose to wear. Read on to find out more about what your fashion colours say about you.


The little black dress always comes to our rescue when all else goes wrong. Black is a sign of elegance coupled with authority. If you have donned black for the occasion, we know who is in charge of the evening. Many black tops for women are available online that give you a naturally slimmer silhouette. Use black as your colour of choice to express the most vital part of your personality.


Seeing someone in a pristine white, clean, and crisp kurta immediately gives the impression that they are pulled together, organised and balanced. White symbolizes goodness and simplicity. Even something as simple as a plain white skirt can bring joy and happiness to the person wearing it and those around them. Like black, there is a wide range of white tops for women, skirts, jackets, and trousers available online these days.


Soothing and soft, pastel colours represent a sense of neutrality. Summer months are an excellent time to bring out the pastel shades from your wardrobe. Use them as an expression of serenity and calm. Colours and our emotional states have a lot of literature. The next time you feel agitated, try changing into a soft pastel colour of your choice.


Bright blue colours can brighten up your wardrobe and make you look calm, intelligent, and independent. Much like the open sky, a blue jacket, dress, or kurta can immediately give off a relaxed vibe. Test this theory on your next date night by picking from one of the many blue tops for women available on the online shelf.


Simply reading the word red brings concepts of passion, power, fire, and love to mind. Whether it is bright red lipstick or a vibrant dress, red exudes a sense of dominance wherever you are. Wearing red is a sign of empowerment and strength.
Of course, it is an endless palette of colours one can choose from, but it is time to start experimenting. The next time you pick out a dress, try focusing on your emotional state and pick a colour that will help you better communicate with the world. Choosing colours you are not usually drawn to is an excellent way to change your fashion brand.