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What is the importance of Indian ethnic wear for women?

17 December, 2022
By Ancestry / Inspiration
Fashion trends from across the world may come and go, but nothing can beat the timeless appeal of Indian ethnic wear. The appeal of ethnic wear for women cannot be erased from Indian women's imaginations, despite the influence of several international fashion magazines and houses.
There's something magical and mysterious about a nine-yard saree, multilayered salwar suits, or lehega choli. It is this elegance and charm that emanate from Indian ethnic wear that made Oprah Winfrey get draped in a saree by Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in an internationally acclaimed show. The popularity of Indian ethnic wear seems to be on the rise.
In the following paragraphs, we will discuss the importance of Indian ethnic wear for women.
Let’s get started then.

Representation of rich heritage

Every culture has its own stories that are reflected in everything from food to clothing. Although Indian clothing has many regional variations, the dhoti, saree, salwar kameez, lehenga, ghaghra, or kurtis serve as the foundation for the majority of them. The fact that a single saree can be draped in 80 different ways depending on which Indian region you are in astounds the world. This representation of rich heritage is something that makes every Indian woman proud while wearing Indian ethnic wear.

Feel connected to roots

When an Indian woman is away from her motherland, wearing Indian ethnic wear is like hugging her loved ones back home. It makes one feel more connected to her roots because clothes represent cultural history, ideologies, traditional beliefs, and so much more.
Western clothing, such as jeans and a variety of trousers paired with tops and jackets, has significantly altered Indian women's fashion. So, once in a while or more often, when an Indian woman wears Indian clothes, she feels more connected to her roots.

A variety of occasions are covered

Versatility is the most important aspect of Indian ethnic wear. Wearing Indian clothing is completely acceptable for all occasions, including workdays, weddings, lunch dates, and travel. Some traditional looks are quite chic and elegant, making them perfect for dressing up for any occasion, no matter how big or small.
For example, a heavily embellished saree can be worn for formal events like wedding receptions, while a simple silk or cotton saree can be worn for everyday tasks. Also, kurtis can be worn during regular office days, at home, and at other social gatherings.

Offers world-class comfort

Indian ethnic wear is available in various cuts, shapes, designs, and fabrics. Comfort is one of the most important characteristics that every woman, traditional or modern, looks for in any clothing line. In Indian attire, this "comfort" is of the highest caliber. While wearing India's traditional clothing, discomfort is the furthest thing from anyone's mind.

Great value for money

You are never too old to stop wearing Indian ethnic wear. You will look classy, elegant, and gorgeous in Indian ethnic wear for women, no matter what your age is. Therefore, the money you spend on this kind of clothing is always well spent. The timeless appeal of these fashionable and comfortable Indian clothes is one of the biggest blessings.
There’s no denying the fact that women look more elegant in Indian ethnic clothes. So, check out what’s new in the segment of Indian ethnic dresses and make your wardrobe even more glamorous, smart, and vibrant.