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How Ancestry clothing draws inspiration from India's design heritage

16 December, 2022
By Ancestry / Inspiration
India is a land of contrasts. It's home to some of the most ancient civilizations on Earth, but it also has a vibrant modern culture that continues to inspire new artists and designers.
India is the world's second most populous country, and is a diverse land ranging from snow-capped mountains to long beaches.
We are drawn to India's design heritage because we want to find contemporary ways to express it through clothing.
The concept of Ancestry clothing was born out of our love for Indian design heritage and a desire to find contemporary ways to express it through clothing — while still paying homage to its rich tradition!

Rich design heritage of textiles & clothing

India has a rich history of textile, clothing and architecture. From the humble cotton sari to the intricate embroidery on silk saris, there are many different types of Indian clothing. The country’s diversity in terms of design is evident in its architecture as well.
The rich heritage of these disciplines can be seen throughout our collection – ranging from traditional prints such as ‘kurta pyjamas’ worn by women as ethnic wear to contemporary silhouettes like tunics cut off at mid thigh length making it easier for women who don't have time to go through lengthy dressing sessions every day!

The Clothing Diversity of India

The traditional clothing of India varies a lot depending on geography, climate and ethnicity. In the north, for example, people wear heavy coats to keep warm; in the south it's summer all year round with light clothes being worn.
The themes behind our collections have been inspired by how women in India traditionally wore saris during festivals such as Holi or Diwali when they wanted to show off their beauty but also express their individuality through bold colors which were usually reserved only for weddings!

What Inspires Ancestry Clothing

The idea for Ancestry clothing was inspired by our love of Indian design and the desire to share this heritage with people around the world through clothing.
We wanted to create something that would be appropriate for all seasons, be beautiful and unique, yet not too expensive. We wanted it to feel like you were wearing something new but also familiar at the same time.
We are drawn to simple, minimal designs and like to draw inspiration from everyday life. We also like finding timeless designs that can be passed down to future generations.
It's important for us to create clothing that is versatile, comfortable and durable. This allows you to wear our clothes for many years without them becoming too worn out or faded in colour.

Blending India's Contemporary designs into modern fashion

Contemporary design doesn't have to mean new ideas - it can also be about making old ideas work in today's world.
The best way to keep things simple is by looking at the past. This is where we find inspiration in India's design heritage, which is based on simplicity and functionality.
Look for inspiration from everyday objects such as wallets and purses.
Look for inspiration from nature: trees, plants and flowers are all perfect examples of this kind of design.


In our clothing line, we like to take inspiration from the many different ways that people of all ages wear their clothes.