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Ancestry Women Kurta

Sneak Peek into Contemporary Women's Fashion with the Ancestry Collection

21 October, 2022
By Ancestry / Inspiration
It wouldn't be incorrect to say that the contemporary women's fashion choices are an extension of herself - unafraid, adventurous, and individualistic. While she reveres tradition, she isn’t intimidated by the prospect of exploring the wider world. Likewise, her outfits could be modest, but might no longer subscribe to convention. Ancestry attires artfully capture this exceptionality of mind, this indomitability of spirit, making sure every 21st century woman finds a bit of herself in the outfits on offer.
If you fancy the idea of contemporary fashion with a twist, you’re sure to find your sartorial mojo at Ancestry. Before you shop, read up about four popular items of everyday clothing that Ancestry creates with a difference.

The Dress

The one-piece midi and maxi dress has made a comeback in recent years. At Ancestry, this distinctly western attire assumes an ethnic identity, albeit without losing its original vibe. From paisley and ikkat patterns to sequin-work and zari embellishment, the dresses feature a sweeping variety of adornments. The colour palette is just as wide-ranging – there’s lilac, black, mustard yellow, salmon pink, indigo blue, and what else have you! While some of the dresses are decidedly formal, others are nonchalantly casual.

The Kurta

The humble kurta – conspicuous by its omnipresence – predominates contemporary Indian fashion for women. Ancestry houses an overwhelming variety of kurtas. You will find kurtas in solid colours, with hand block-prints, tie-dye patterns, polka dots, and all-over floral motifs. There are also kurtas featuring schiffli embroidery, lace, and spangle-work. The collection abounds with long kurtas, though there are shorter length kurtas on offer as well. More important, the kurta collection is wide enough to appeal to vastly different tastes. While there are some that will make a superb combination with washed-out denims, others are full of feminine grace, and thus in need of the conventional matching dupatta and bottom-wear.

The Trouser

The indispensability of trousers can scarcely be denied. In view of the contemporary woman’s need for and sheer love of trousers, Ancestry offers a diverse range of this essential bottom-wear. If you are fond of casual trousers, you may take your pick from culottes, straight-fit linen trousers, crop trousers, and dhoti trousers among others. If formal trousers express your style better, the ones featuring embroidery, translucent organza detailing at the ankles, and scalloped edges won’t disappoint you. A great many can be teamed with modish tops, kurtas, and even tees, but the more ornate trousers are best paired with the matching kurta and duppata ensemble.

The Jacket

The jacket is not an essential item of clothing but has become a classic largely by virtue of the elegance and utility it is able to infuse into an ensemble. Breaking with convention, jackets from Ancestry are characterised by ethnic artistry and attractive silhouettes – a fine mix of East & West. You will find stunning Ajrak block-prints on a crop jacket, Banarasi brocade-work on a long jacket, chevron prints on a robe-style asymmetric jacket, and Dabka-work motifs on a wrap jacket. So, whether you wish to spruce up a casual outfit, deck up a fancy ensemble, or just layer up in high style – these jackets will play every role with panache.
Every clothing collection at Ancestry is imbued with the essence of time-honoured traditions. Yet, each is remarkably marked by freshness, making the products truly contemporary and in that, global in their appeal. In a twist of delicious irony, contemporary fashion never got more evergreen! Begin your sojourn at Ancestry’s beautiful world of sartorial grandeur. Shop now!