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5 Good Reasons to Own Velvet Kurtas this Festive Season

15 February, 2023
By Ancestry / Inspiration
Velvet. The very mention of the fabric conjures up images of luxury and decadence. In fact the phrase “smooth as velvet” artfully captures all that we associate with it – softness and delicateness. Crafted only out of silk in the past – and hence its natural association with royalty and nobility – velvet today is made from cotton, linen, wool and even synthetic fibres. Recent years have seen the fabric make a comeback in women’s wear, both western and ethnic attire. What’s more, its innate warmth has made it popular as a winter-wear fabric, and it is no longer uncommon to find women wearing vibrant festive-wear kurtis and dresses made of velvet. Thanks to its free fall, flow, and exquisite softness, it lends itself beautifully to long kurtas. If you’ve noticed other women happily flaunting their velvets, but aren’t sure if it’s a good idea to invest in a velvet kurta, read on to discover 5 absolutely cogent reasons to own a velvet kurta this winter:

It’s the Season of Special Occasions

Velvet has a natural sheen and lustre that’s hard to miss. Since velvet outfits effortlessly exude glamour, they are ideal for sporting at weddings, dinners, parties, and soirees. Needless to say, winter is the time for special social occasions in India. So why let that bleak-looking brown jacket ruin the look of your gorgeous chiffon dress? Ditch it and embrace the vibrancy and subtle richness of a deep purple or red all-velvet kurta and pant set instead!

Allows you to Look Stylish & Feel Comfortable

Velvet doesn’t owe its winter popularity to its good looks alone! Making velvet requires more yarn and it is produced with the help of a special loom that simultaneously weaves two thicknesses of the material. So notwithstanding that incredibly light and supple texture, velvet keeps you warm and cosy when the temperatures plummet. Additionally, it layers well, has a rich feel, is available in several silhouettes, and looks fantastic (of course you knew that!)

Array of Colours to Choose from

Available in an array of colours and prints, velvet is definitely more versatile than most people think! This basically means whether you love monochromatic outfits or multi-coloured ones, bright or subtle colours, solid colour outfits or printed ones, velvet will always give you a choice. Velvet festive-wear kurtis can be particularly stunning in terms of the prints and embroidery they feature. Since velvet is regal in itself, even a solid-colour kurta can work wonders!

Can be Dressed Up or Down

Unlike a lot of fabrics, velvet goes with a variety of other textures. This makes it easy to dress up or dress down your velvet kurta, depending on your mood and the occasion. For instance, you could team your velvet kurta with a leather bomber jacket and pair of cropped denims for a casual and edgy, devil-may-care vibe. Combine it with a pair of silk palazzos and you’d look ready for a dinner party. Elegant to look at and easy to carry off!

A Great Alternative to Bling

If there’s a special occasion you must attend, and you are the kind of girl who shies away from big-on-bling outfits – sequins, spangle, and everything sparkly – velvet will bail you out! Velvet is luxurious and chic, but isn’t super-dressy, especially if the accessories worn with it are low-key. The result? You get to look sophisticated and glamorous without being over-the-top.
Convinced of the great sartorial powers of a velvet kurta? Go right ahead and grab one this winter. Although slightly pricey, velvet is a highly durable fabric and your beautiful velvet kurta is sure to stand you in good stead for years to come!