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5 Ethnic-Wear Colour Combinations you can’t Go Wrong With

23 February, 2023
By Ancestry / Inspiration
Ethnic Indian-wear and colour are, in some ways, wedded to each other, sharing a near-unbreakable bond. In fact, it is easy to see why ethnic clothing, with its lush vibrant colours and striking motifs, has kindled such fascination in lovers of oriental fashion around the world. But while rich and colourful in its own right, ethnic fashion too – like any other fashion – demands creativity and careful thought in order to elevate it to the level of art. If you are a lover of ethnic outfits, read on to discover 5 classic yet refreshingly unique ethnic-wear colour combinations – ranging from the muted to the unabashedly bright – you just can’t go wrong with.

White & White: The Sartorial Whisper

Subtle and splendid all at once, white is a venerable first among equals in the world of colours. Discover its unfading charm in the delicate White Oak Kurta, a beautifully minimalistic V-neck short kurta with a scallop neckline, and same-colour resham embroidery detailing on the neck and sleeve. For a surreal, fairy-like look, team it with the White Oak Sharara pants and White Oak drape. An infallible combination, this one is sure to elicit sighs and stares.

Powder Blue & Fushsia Pink: A Marriage of Frost & Spring

If a dream were to be given a sartorial shape, it would look like our powder Blue Pearl Top. Crafted out of 100% cotton, this adorable creation features a peplum silhouette and embroidery and tassels at the front. The slightly billowy sleeves lend it a classic, old-school vibe. Suitable for both balmy autumns and verdant springs, this top is best paired with the chirpy fuchsia Pink Trousers. While the trousers’ low-key, straight fit would allow the top’s peplum style to stand out, its striking colour would wonderfully complement the former’s dignified appeal.

Aquamarine Blue & Earth Brown: A Vestiary Match Made in Heaven

One of the prettiest tops for women, our Blue Kai Top features a lively Ikat print against a deep shade of aquamarine blue. While the vibrant motifs accentuate its delightful folk appeal, the short ruffle collar and puffed sleeves highlight its innate elegance – a seamless blend of the earthy and exquisite. To amplify its charm, wear it with the Desert Dune Dhoti Trouser, a remarkably stylish mud brown pair of trousers featuring a dhoti silhouette. A spin on the ubiquitous black & blue mix, this sartorial combination is sure to make heads turn.

Lime Green & Wine: A Statement of Contrasts

Our Lime Jacquard Cami Kurta is a classic example of the beauty of contrasts. While the vernal lime green colour and breezy camisole cut bring to mind the casual nonchalance of spring, the all-over jacquard pattern has an ornate richness that signifies high elegance. Double down on the contrast factor by pairing this pretty dress with the Wine Royal Velvet Jacket. True to its name, this long jacket adorned with Zardozi embroidery has a distinctly regal touch that – paradoxically – stands at odds with and serves as the perfect foil for the lime dress.

Shades of Pink: The Splendour of Swish & Swirl

Floral, florid, and flirty, the Ishayra Pink Top exudes unabashed feminine charm. The flowery pattern, puff sleeves, and wrap & tie-knot design echo a fanciful bohemian vibe that is at once fun and quirky. Underline the girlish glamour element with the Rang Bano skirt, a flared maxi skirt set apart by its printed organza hem detail. Featuring nearly the same shade of pink, the two ensembles are sure to make a combination that can only be described as breath-taking.
There can be infinite and ingenious colour combinations in outfits. A bit of creativity and a great collection to choose from are all you need! If you love the aforementioned ideas, check out our vast collection of kurtas, trousers, skirts, dresses, jackets, drapes, and tops for women featuring colours ranging from the subtle to the sensational! Get creative and think up innumerable combinations, making sure you step out in style – every time!